Supermassive Black Hole Slowly Devours a Star in a Spectacular Celestial Show

The impending death of a star once it gets too close to a black hole can actually represent a beautiful footage. It’s surely tragic for the star itself and for…

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Asteroid and Comet Flood Occurring on a Similar Solar System to Our Own

If you’re like most people, you often believe that Earth is a pretty bad place to live on, judging by the diseases, corruption, natural disasters, poverty, and so on. But…

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The Sun Unleashed its Biggest Flare in a While – Are We in Trouble?

Life on Earth wouldn’t be possible without the Sun providing fuel for the plants to make oxygen. Of course, our star is also keeping some acceptable temperatures for our planet,…

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nova bursts

Nova Bursts on White Dwarf Stars Explained By Scientists

Researchers from the University of Canterbury have revealed the inner goings of nova bursts on white dwarf stars. Their study shows how the star can increase its brightness by thousands…

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general relativity

Star S2 Proves Einstein’s General Relativity Theory, Once Again

Astrophysics is a very complicated and strategic mind-game played by scientists against the Universe. It is a vortex of theories, hypotheses, assumptions, and presumptions. Up to a specific time, Isaak…

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