Take-Two Interactive Wants to Get Back to Its Older Works; Which Games Are Getting a Sequel?

Take-Two, the publisher of GTA, has revealed that they are currently working on some amazing projects, some of them showing a return on some of its most popular games.

In the latest financial statement from the company, Take-Two showed they have the strongest development pipelines in history, including sequels for the biggest franchises there, and also some brand new games.

Which are these games that are getting a sequel?

The publisher has a lot of developers, including Rockstar Game, the father of GTA and Red Dead Redemption. If you ask what we believe, we hope this is a tease for GTA 6. It also might be a tease for the new BioShock game.

Back in 2018, some reports said that there’s a top-secret studio that started working on the BioShock series. The same report stated that the developer of Mafia 3, has a studio that has a team of workers that are doing their job on the next BioShock game, which was also codenamed Parkside.

BioShock is also part of the Take-Two company, and it is considered one of the best franchises from them – even if, from the release of the second episode of the spinoff of BioShock Infinite, Burial At Sea – the franchise has been resting. We would not be surprised if the sequel teased will actually be BioShock 3. But the publisher might also be referring to the Mafia 4 game.

A new BioShock game might actually be the one teased, because just a few days ago, a 2K job listing appeared online for an End Game Design Lead, which suggested that the game will get a live service title.

We are waiting for Take-Two Interactive to make an official statement about their work. We might get a GTA 6 announcement, we are hoping for the best!

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