Targeted Ads: Why Limiting Them Will Make Your Life More Enjoyable

Facebook has warned its users that the changes made in Apple’s next version of iOS will have an impact on its Audience Network advertising platform. When the iOS 14 will be released, all the iPhone users will be able to opt into targeted advertising. Of course, we think users will probably opt-in and allow Facebook – and other advertisers – to track their internet usage.

But can you limit the ad tracking on your iPhone? You can, but only in Apple’s own ad network. We are here to tell you how to limit ad tracking.

Here’s our opinion on this

You will want to limit ad tracking because you need your Privacy. There are many companies that have found a way to track the online activity of users across multiple websites and devices. Sometimes it may seem you don’t have privacy, and it can get annoying – just visit Amazon and then open Facebook and see ads of products sold on Amazon.  If you decide to opt-out of ad tracking, you can prevent the companies from following you all around the internet.

How to limit the ad tracking in your iPhone

In order to turn on the Limit Ad Tracking, open Settings, and tap on Privacy, then go to the bottom of the page, and select Advertising. You will see there the option to Limit Ad Tracking – this will be off by default. Make sure you slide the switch to the On position, then tap on Reset Advertising Identifier.

When you reset your advertising ID, every info linked to you (and your device) will not be associated with you anymore. Apple will not use your data show ads based on your searches. You won’t lose any functionality by doing this.

Basically, you start a new advertising profile. If you also limit ad tracking, then you will see ads that are not interesting for you, and that is the point of the whole thing.

You can also turn off the location-based Apple ads. You need to go to Settings, to Privacy, to Location Services, to System Services. Then, turn off Location-Based Apple Ads.

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