The Backwards Compatibility for The Xbox Series S Console Brings Great News

Microsoft will release the Xbox Series S console on November 10, which is the budget option of the next-generation gaming. While Xbox Series X will sell for $499, its smaller counterpart will be $200 less. The specifications are also a bit lower, of course, but they’re still worthy of a 2020 console.

Microsoft also reveals to us how Xbox Series S will be dealing with backwards compatibility for games from Xbox 360, Xbox One S, and the original Xbox. Not only that all games from the consoles will be running with no problems for Xbox Series S, but they will also be improved significantly, too!

3x resolution boost

Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter revealed some precious info to Microsoft about the Xbox Series S console. Besides saying that the next-generation console will provide 1440p for OG Xbox and enhanced 360 titles, twice as better performance on select One S titles, he also declared about original Xbox games:

3x boost to resolution on both axes, meaning that titles targeting 480p on the original machine will hit a maximum of 1440p on Series S, presumably with a range of performance benefits.

As for Xbox 360 games that became available for Xbox One X, they will also be enhanced, running with a 2×2 resolution multiplier – bringing 720p titles up to 1440p.

System architect Andrew Goossen declared for Eurogamer:

We made it easy for existing Xbox One S games to be updated to run with double the frame-rate when played on Series S as well. When games are updated, existing games can query to determine whether they’re running on the new console. And in terms of the performance, the Series S provides well over double the effective CPU and GPU performance over the Xbox One, making it pretty straightforward for the games to do this. And in fact, the Series S GPU runs the Xbox One S games with better performance than the Xbox One X.

November 2020 might be the best month in the history of gaming, as all next-generation consoles Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 will arrive in stores at that time.

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