The Best GTA 5 Mods to Boost Realism Even More

GTA 5 is the most successful game of its series, and there’s no wonder why it features some pretty immersive graphics. During its seven years of dominance, the game made millions of gamers engage in a virtual open world full of realistic scenarios and gameplay – whether they were driving high-end cars, shooting gangs of criminals, driving boats, and so on.

But the huge map of Los Santos can become even more immersive with the mods presented here. They offer a significant boost of realism, but remember that modding is made at your own risk.

Rehancer Photorealism

This mod makes the game look incredibly realistic, and the above footage speaks for itself. Each texture is improved a lot, and it becomes a true delight to play GTA V by using this mod. But the graphics are not the only aspect where the game was improved. More pedestrians of various kinds are also added.

Realistic Driving V

If you’re among the numerous users who are complaining about the lack of realism from the driving mechanism in GTA 5, this is the right mod for you. With Realistic Driving V, it becomes a lot more challenging to drive a car across the map without getting it scratched.

Realistic Mod

GTA 5 suddenly becomes even more bloody along with this mod. Feel free to get your hands on it so that you will convince yourself, but remember: don’t try any of this at home!

GTA V (including GTA Online) is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows PC. An enhanced version for the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is on its way, and it will make GTA 5 to take advantage even more of the advanced hardware for the two consoles.

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