The Best Pickaxe Skins in Fortnite You Might Want to Try

The Pickaxe is a well-known skin item in Fortnite, one that players praise. But, using only one variant of Pickaxe can be annoying sometimes. That doesn’t mean, however, it has to be like that all the time. There are lots of options when it comes to skins of Pickaxe, so you won’t feel like you don’t have anything to choose. A Pickaxe is also nice and all, especially when it matches your outfit. If you’re curious to find out more about these skins and learn which one is the best for you, the following picks should help you more. Here are the best Pickaxe skins you might want to try out now!

Skull Sickle

Skull Sickle is a Halloween-themed Pickaxe, released back in 2019. It has three color variants and sleek design. It even makes a pleasing sound when you use it, swing it back and forth.

Stellar Axe

Stellar Axe is probably the most beautiful Pickaxe so far. It glows fantastically and has a cool galaxy design. The swinging sound is also quite impressive, and you surely won’t get bored with it.


Rock meets Fortnite, and the most fabulous Pickaxe arise! AC/DC is one of the rarest skins and has quite the electrical design. The sound that it makes is similar to those of electrical pulses.

Candy Axe

Cand Axe is a cute and funny-looking skin, and players mostly can notice it during the holidays. It will sure look perfect around the Christmas seasons, and the glowing light of this skin will make it a must-have. Candy Axe is also one of the first reactive skins in Fortnite, and you’ll notice how the light will glow each time you get more eliminations.

Crimson Scythe

Crimson Scythe resembles the Reaper a lot. This skin can be acquired by buying the Inferno’s Challenge Pack.

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