The Big Bang Theory: Are We Getting a New Season?

The Big Bang Theory is finished now, but we are all wondering if there’s a chance we see it again in the future. There are so many sitcoms getting high appraisals for CBS, especially when it comes to the loyal fanbase, and thus, there are some sitcoms that get a renewal, even if they are finished.

Is The Big Bang Theory renewed for Season 13?

CBS wanted to expand the series. They have taken a look at the audits from fans each and every year, and they have seen that the show is adored by fans. They wanted to build compensation for the whole cast, and Parson was going to get a high raise. But Jim Parson decided to leave the series after season 12. The show cannot continue without Sheldon, so CBS stopped that idea from proceeding.

The series was amazing throughout all the seasons, and there was really no reason for them to proceed if one of the main characters decided to leave the show – it was all teamwork. So there is no way they’re continuing this without Jim Parson.

At first, there were three main characters: Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny. Then, we got to meet Howard and Rajesh. And then, Bernadette and Amy joined the story. The series lasted for over ten years, and we can all see its success – it had 18 million viewers. And then the series finale came, and we were all sad it came to an end. The show was not going to be back for the thirteenth season, and fans were disappointed. But the good news is that we still have Young Sheldon, a Big Bang Theory spin-off, so make sure you check that out if you’re missing Sheldon!





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