The Boys Season 2: How Many Episodes Are We Getting in 2020?

We’ve all seen that The Boys was released back in July 2019, and it has completely changed our perspective on the superhero genre.

Seven, a superhero team, is very famous, but it is run for money by the Vought International corporation. Members of the group are very corrupt.

Billy Butcher, together with his team, the Boys, are always being brought down, but the so-called heroes that do everything they can in order to get rid of them. After everything that happened in season 1, a second season was ordered by Amazon, and it’s finally here. As of now, there are only four episodes released, so we are all wondering when we’re getting the next episodes.

About season 2

The second season started to make its appearance on Amazon Prime Video on the 4th of September. The story of Billy Butcher and the Boys will continue, and their conflict with the Seven and Vought International will get even more intense.

Season 1 had ended when Becca, Billy’s wife, thought that Homelander – the leader of the Seven – had killed him. However, he’s very much alive and has been raising her and Homelander’s son.

So when is the release of the next episode?

The fifth episode of the second season will be released on the 18th of September, 2020 – on Friday. Now, every episode will appear weekly – each episode on Friday, at midnight.

The season will have eight episodes in total. So the season will run until the 9th of October – one episode per week, every Friday.

Of course, we would have wanted to binge all of them in one day, but every Friday sounds good to us, too.


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