The Congress Suggests that The US is Hiding Precious Info Regarding UFO’s

Surely anyone would be excited about the idea of encountering intelligent aliens one day, but the truth is that they might not be available to reveal to us the secrets of the Cosmos. ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ says an old proverb, and it could also apply for the whole humanity. There are countless reports about UFO’s roaming the sky, although skeptics say that they are just man-made myths.

The US Senate Intelligence Committee is hoping that US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon will unveil all data about UFO’s. While we all know that a UFO is not necessarily a flying saucer as it stands for Unidentified Flying Object, the same sources say that the US is even hiding unusual encounters by the Navy. Of course, this can also be subject to a lot of speculation.

A report issued by the committee and obtained by Politico says the following:

The Committee remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive process within the federal government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite the potential threat,

The Universe is outrageously big

Judging by how insanely huge the Universe is, common sense tells us that it’s practically impossible for us to be alone in this outrageously vast ocean of galaxies and stars. If we take a deep look into our own solar system, chances are very low for life to exist elsewhere besides on our planet. Only Mars and several moons like Titan and Europa have chances to harbor any life forms.

But if we look at the rest of the Universe, it’s safe to assume that at least 10% of the exoplanets are featuring the right conditions for supporting life. Therefore, if someone knocks at your door and looks like an alien with big black eyes and antennas, he may not be into a Halloween suit.

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  1. After years of study and deep thought (my father was a radar engineer during the Cold War), I have reached some conclusions about the UFO phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, UFOs are from, or at least travel through, higher dimensions. (That is, we have 3 dimensions plus time to designate any event or object in this universe; their universe requires more data points, which we can only represent mathematically.) In our dimension they behave much like projections in our world: the can move without acceleration or deceleration, expand or contract, change form, etc. When they materialize is when they create the crew (whatever species), which is the UFOs subject interface system. That’s right, it’s the UFOs themselves that are studying us, not their crews!

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