The Gossip Girl Reboot Has Been Delayed; When Is the Release Date?

The waiting is finally over. We come bearing news. The Gossip Girl Reboot is going to happen, but it is going to happen in 2021. We know we were all waiting for it to happen this year, but there is nothing we can do about it right now. The reasons are valid, and we are patiently waiting for the series to happen. 

We all knew this delay would come

The pandemic has affected the entire world, and the entertainment industry had to go through a lot. This is one of the main reasons why the reboot won’t happen until 2021. All the productions have been halted, so we all expected a delay. 

According to the HBO Max chief content officer, Kevin Riley, the production didn’t actually start properly. They were about to start the series just shortly before the lockdown began. 

So when is the release date?

Right now, we are not sure when the release date will happen. Even after the lockdown measurements will be eased, it would still take some time to start the production properly. All we know for sure is that the release date is not going to happen in 2020. 

Everyone is disappointed about this situation, including HBO Max chief content officer Kevin Reilly. This entire situation will also change HBO’s schedule for the next year , too – as we are sure it will happen with all the others from this industry, as well.  Producers need to find a way to keep everyone safe if they start working on the series. That can be very hard, and it’s understandable, we’re going through tough times. 

Right now, we are waiting for more details about the Gossip Girl Reboot.







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