The iPhone 12 Lineup is Coming Soon, but Only One Version will Be Featuring mmWave 5G

Apple prepares for releasing its flagship for 2020 in October – the iPhone 12 lineup will arrive a bit later than expected. The Cupertino-based company usually releases its smartphone flagships in September, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay, as you already guessed.

Apple still doesn’t have smartphones on the market equipped with 5G, and surely the company cannot comply with a situation like this. But iPhone 12 will save the day.

mmWave 5G available only for iPhone 12 Pro Max

A new report reveals that only the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will be featuring the great benefits of the mmWave 5G. This happens because only the largest of the iPhone 12 lineup will have the demanded space and battery size for supporting the special antenna design and also the larger power draw.

But mmWave 5G doesn’t represent the only area where iPhone 12 Pro Max will shine. According to a new leak revealed by the reliable tipster Jon Prosser, the Pro Max version of the upcoming iPhone will have a powerful refresh rate of 120Hz. LiDAR-supported autofocus for the cameras is also included, a slimmed-down notch, and not to mention the killer feature of 4K video recording at 240fps.

The leaker even made a compelling video where he speaks about what iPhone 12 is made of:

The upcoming iPhone 12 flagship that arrives this fall will become available in several variants: standard, Max, Pro, and Pro Max. They will all be featuring the 5G technology in a way or another.

Whether we like it or not, it will become impossible to survive in the near future without a device packing 5G connectivity. Faster and more stable internet speed is required for the information to travel at an optimum pace, especially when it’s about emergencies.

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