The LG Wing 5G Phone Can Leave Anyone Speechless with its Crazy Design

Dual-screen phones don’t represent anything new, but LG succeeds in taking things one step further again. In 2020 everything seems possible when it comes to smartphones: foldable and dual-screen devices, and now we have another exciting technological gimmick: a smartphone that can rotate one of its screens at 180 degrees.

The LG Wing was officially announced on September 14, and it will arrive in the US shortly. An exact release date is currently unclear. The YouTube channel CNET Highlights is proud to present a closer look for LG Wing 5G, the device that defies all expectations:

The crazy-looking phone represents the first of LG’s Explorer Project, an entity that aims to bring more experimental designs with LG phones.

OLED displays

The LG Wing 5G phone adds a 6.8-inch screen above another one that measures 3.9-inch. Both displays are OLED, which means that they’re featuring high quality. But what on Earth could you do with two screens on a phone? First of all, the smaller display works as a touchpad for controlling the bigger display. Also, with LG Wing, you can choose different apps on each display. For instance, if you’re planning to watch a YouTube video, you can do it on one screen and simultaneously write notes on the other display about what you’ve seen

Powerful hardware

Just like any other 5G device, LG Wing will be featuring some interesting specs: there’s 8GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 765G chipset, and plenty of storage options: 256GB for the internal memory, with the possibility of extension to 2TB.

The cameras are also worthy of attention: there’s the standard 64MP on the rear, accompanied by two ultrawide cameras of 13MP and 12MP. The front-facing camera of 32MP cannot be overlooked as well.

No price was mentioned yet for the LG Wing 5G phone, but our guess is that it will exceed $800.

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