The Most Waited Gadgets of This Year

Regardless of the unprecedented situation that coronavirus is creating, the technology world is announcing a couple of unique reveals this year. Whether you think about the revolution of the folding screen featuring a touchscreen display or the brand-new designs of the smartphones, here is a list of the most waited reveals of 2020. Microsoft’s return for mobile devices and the implementation of 5G technology are scheduled to be released on the market during the following weeks.

Samsung has introduced on the market the first folding phone in the world, the Galaxy fold. The launch brought a new concept, and this is why the company has announced the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Featuring a larger screen, the cover case of the phone will be made of durable glass, being equipped as well with the S-pen.

The Galaxy Note family is also getting a new member this year. The upcoming Galaxy Note 20 is paying homage to the concept, bringing again a large-screen mobile phone, as well as 5G technology and an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, being ideal for gamers.

Microsoft has announced its return with the Surface Duo, which features two separate screens that are linked using the same hinge. The most impressive feature of this device is thought to be the setup of the cameras.

The giant Cupertino is continuing its budget-friendly project with the iPhone SE2 release. The starting price of the device is 399 USD and the device brings facial recognition and an improved processor. For the iPhone lovers, this gadget might be an affordable device with essential features.

Last but not least, the most waited iPhone 12 series is bringing the most advanced gadgets on the market. The LiDAR sensors were specially introduced to increase the augmented reality experience and the 5G technology is, of course, brought to the devices. The camera setup will bring even more detail to the pictures with the distortion effects that are added.

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