The New Google TV Home App Arrives in the Play Store

Google recently unveiled a set of tech beauties, and we should consider ourselves lucky to witness the release of the new Chromecast packed with Google TV. However, you’ll still need the app that can activate the new Google TV launcher interface, and that’s where Google TV Home comes in handy.

Placing this launcher app within the Play Store can allow the new Chromecast device homescreen to receive feature improvements, UI tweaks, and more. As the Play Store description says:

Google TV Home is the basis for all activities on your Google TV entertainment device. Browse thousands of movies, shows, and live TV channels from your subscriptions without having to jump between apps. Discover new things to watch with recommendations based on what you watch and what interests you.

The current version is 1.0.331643392, and it requires only 11MP of free space. 

Google even made a presentation video of its Chromecast with Google TV, and you are free to watch it below:

Among the description, it says:

Spend less time jumping from one streaming app to another and more time watching your favorite shows. Chromecast with Google TV has your favorite movies and shows from your subscriptions — all in one place.

Get ready for Google Pixel 5

Google doesn’t plan to slow it down at all when it comes to bringing great products to the world. The upcoming Pixel 5 smartphone will be equipped with wireless charging, a high-class camera, water resistance, and improvements compared to its predecessor, Pixel 4. Google’s next flagship will sell for about $699. It’s an affordable price for a 2020 flagship that will also be packing 5G connectivity, and it’s significantly lower than how much the predecessor Pixel 4 costs.

The Pixel 5 will become available first for eight countries on October 15th. On October 29th, the phone arrives in the US through Verizon, Google Fi, and also unlocked from Google’s online store.

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