The Number of Near-Earth Objects Is Growing Until the End of 2019

If you are a fan of Astronomy and a sky gazer, then December 20th or 26th are the days you have to note in your calendar because more Near-Earth Objects will whiz by our planet. A distant light will be seen in the sky, but nothing to worry about, no asteroids will hit Earth. Of course, the coincidence of the date could lead the Christians to think is the Star of Bethlehem, but unfortunately, no.

Even the European Space Agency for Near-Earth Object Coordination Center is announcing the public about the future asteroid that will traverse the sky and its visibility from our planet. The first time, on 20 December, we will see a 300-meter-wide asteroid called 216258 or 2006 WH1. After that, on 26 December, another asteroid of 400-meter-wide, called 310442 or 2000 CH59, is going to show us its light.

Moreover, both 2006 WH1 and 2000 CH59 will be far away from Earth, so no need to worry about a fatal impact. The asteroids will be at a distance that represents 15 times the distance from Moon to Earth. The two babies are calm and quiet, but the other ones are giving concerning thoughts to the scientist.

2019 set the record for the most approaches of Near-Eart Objects

On October 31st, a little visitor with two meters in diameter was flying at a distance of 6200 kilometers from our planet. The object was called 2019 UN13, and it is one of the 14 asteroids that gotten so close to Earth. From the list of 14 asteroids Near-Earth, four of them hit the planet.

Besides this, some severe worrying we have with a discovery that is on the Near-Earth Object Risk List. We are talking about asteroid 2019 WW4, which has a size of 400 meters in diameter, and its trajectory is leading straight to us. The impact date is 2055, but the ESA is saying that after calculation and analyzing the asteroid, the impact won’t happen.

Finally, 2019 was an excellent year for discoveries and sky-gazing. From the 21.429 asteroids and 108 comets found in total, only 982 Near-Earth Objects have the potential risk to come close to Earth, eventually.

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