The Oumuama – Alien Craft or Just a Space Rock?

Three years ago, the astronomers accidentally observed a unique interstellar object, whose shape was never seen up until then. The purpose was a long and oval shape, whose name is now Oumuamua. It appeared in our solar system of nowhere and left that fast that the scientists did not even get the chance to analyze it properly.

They were caught unprepared and by the time they managed to get all the necessary workforce and equipment, there was nothing left to study.

Ever since then, the researchers tried to make use of what they managed to collect before the unknown object left and studied the miraculous occurrence. The main two theories stated that it is whether an asteroid or even an object that was specially designed by the aliens. New research that was recently published in the journal Nature Astronomy is bringing another side to the story, suggesting a point of view that was never stated before.

Is Oumuamua an Alien Craft or Just Space Rock?

The first thing that the researchers analyzed was the composition and formation of the shape since the objects in the outer space do not bear a resemblance to a long cigar. In addition to this, the structure of the surface is of paramount importance, whether it is made of rock or ice or is a mixture of both resources.

The explanation of Oumuama’s length can be traced back to the fact that in most of the cases, asteroids and comets break when being too close to the star they orbit. There is a chance that if the object is situated in the vicinity of a planet, it could have the same impact.

Up until now, there is not enough evidence to track down the origins of this unique object and there is no knowledge about what the future holds in store for the scientists. If this phenomenon ever occurs again, the scientists now have the professional know-how and expertise to provide essential data for future studies.

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