The Price for The COVID-19 Drug is Not for Everybody

We’re half a year away since the COVID-19 disease surfaced for the first time in Wuhan, and now the whole world has to worry about it. While a vaccine for the new coronavirus is still under the works, there’s a good chance that humanity finally has a cure for the disease.

Unfortunately, viruses don’t care about the financial condition of their victims, and neither do the scientists who are developing related drugs. It happens once again, as Gilead Sciences just announced how much the COVID-19 drug remdesivir will cost.

$520 for a single dose

Remdesivir is expected to be the first COVID-19 treatment that will receive full FDA approval, which could explain its high price. $520 is the amount that patients will be paying, although they have medical insurance from a private company. However, the stakes are raised even higher. Remdesivir will cost $3,120 for a classical five-day treatment, and $5,720 for a course of ten days.

The high cost for the COVID-19 drug will be reduced to $390 for a single dose under government insurance like Medicare. The drug will furtherly be enacted in July, and it will be shipped to hospitals around the world.

The current global death toll for the COVID-19 pandemic is over 500,000 deceased people, and the total number of infections is over 10.4 million. The current epicenter remains the US, with over 2.6 million infected people and more than 128,000 deaths. Brazil is the next most affected country in the world, as it counts over 58,000 deaths and more than 1.3 million infected people. Also, 5.6 million people recovered from being infected with the disease. These stats were brought to the public by

Therefore, we should learn to take care of our health as much as possible, because it’s the most precious thing we have. Washing our hands frequently and avoiding crowds remain great methods.

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