The Processor Chipset for iPhone 12 will be a Killer Feature

Apple amazed the whole world last year when it released its flagship iPhone 11. Besides having some mind-blowing specs, the phone is comparable in sheer strength with the ‘ancient’ Nokia 3310. It breaks very hard if you hit it. 4 GB RAM, three versions of internal storage, a dual camera setup on the rear, and an A13 Bionic Chipset are among the highlights.

It’s almost mandatory that the sequel iPhone 12 will exceed its predecessor, and trying to guess what exact features the upcoming phone will have is a true challenge.

Fastest iPhone ever made

If you think that iPhone 11 is fast enough, just wait until you see what iPhone 12 will be capable of. Since it packs the A14 Bionic Chipset, the phone is expected to be the fastest iPhone ever.

The A14 processor is way more powerful than the A13, which is currently considered the best among the Apple processors. During a performance test, reports revealed that the A14 chip had gathered a single-core performance score of 1658. The iPhone 12 chip has also reached a multi-core performance score of 4612 points. These numbers are significantly higher than those gathered by the A13 processor from iPhone 11. The A14 chip is created under TSMC’s 5nm process, and it reaches staggering clock speeds of 3.1GHz.

Other specs

Apple fans have all the reasons to be optimistic about what iPhone 12 has to offer. Besides the killer processor, the upcoming phone will also be equipped with 5G support, Face ID and fingerprint recognition, OLED display, and who knows what else.

As for the release date of the iPhone 12, we can expect it to arrive in September. This is the traditional month for iPhones, and hopefully, it won’t be any delay. The price will be pretty high, and there’s no wonder why: the upcoming gadget will cost around the amount of £1000.

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