The Source of Powerful Radio Signal Coming From Space is Identified by Astronomers – Are Aliens Trying to Contact Us?

Astronomers had been identifying signals coming from space pretty often, although they weren’t as good when it comes to identifying their source. That led to many speculations of those who are enthusiastic about the idea of extraterrestrial beings trying to contact us.

Unfortunately for us or not, there’s no compelling reason to believe that alien civilizations are the culprits for the powerful radio signal that the astronomers recently discovered. Instead, the explanation is very scientific.

A fast radio burst (FRB) enters the scene

A fast radio burst (FRB) is confirmed to be causing the powerful radio signal that’s coming from the depths of the Galaxy. FRBs are characterized as intense flashes of radio emissions that can only last for a few milliseconds.

Multiple telescopes detected the FRB several months ago, and its source is the magnetar known as SGR 1935+2154. The magnetar is located at 30,000 light-years away, and it amazed astronomers by creating in a millisecond as much energy as our Sun does in 30 seconds. Magnetars can be defined as young neutron stars that are the most magnetic objects known to be existing in the Universe. 

There seems to be a strong connection between magnetars and dynamic space radio waves. Kiyoshi Masui, who is an assistant professor of physics at MIT, declared:

This is the missing link,

Now we’ve seen a fast radio burst coming from a magnetar, so it proves that at least some fraction of fast radio bursts we see in the Universe come from magnetars.

Two observatories from North America were responsible for the discovery: CHIME in Canada and STARE2 in the United States.

The SGR 1935+2154 magnetar is also considered a soft gamma repeater (SGR), and it’s located in the Vulpecula constellation. However, those who are hoping that humanity will encounter alien civilizations one day shouldn’t lose hope just yet, as the Universe is outrageously big.

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