The Spinning Universe Offers a New Perspective for our World

The Earth, the Sun, and even the entire Milky Way galaxy are spinning. Undoubtedly many other cosmic objects are spinning as well. Therefore, by using our common sense, we would ask ‘why wouldn’t the whole Universe be spinning as well?’. While the Universe from nowadays is not rotating, it might not have also been the case for the way our Cosmos was functioning during its early stages.

That’s what the outcome of a new study claims, after three powerful observatories were used: the Hubble Space Telescope, the Panoramic Survey Telescope, the Rapid Response System, and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Responsible for the study was Lior Shamir from the Kansas State University and his colleagues.

200,000 spiral galaxies analyzed

The scientists found an unexpected imbalance between the galaxies spinning clockwise and counterclockwise. The expectation was that the numbers have to be equal.

Lior Shamir declared:

The difference is not huge, just about over two per cent, but with that high a number of galaxies the probability to have such a division by chance is less than one in a million,

The researchers involved concluded that responsible for the patterns could be the entire Universe rotating around a few axes at once early in its history.

The Big Bang started it

Our whole Universe is the aftermath of The Big Bang event that occurred 13.7 billion years ago. The Early Universe represents the first stages after the Big Bang when atoms began to form themselves. Due to unknown reasons, the Universe burst into existence from what appears to be nothing. Nobody knows what triggered the ‘bang’ in the first place, why did the singularity have infinite energy, and so on. But all evidence like the cosmic background radiation, Einstein’s general relativity theory, and the expansion of the Universe all point to one moment when all matter, time, and space were shrunk down to the size of an atom.

However, astronomers are still looking for answers and maybe they’ll find new ones one day.  But maybe it’s time to acknowledge that some things are just way beyond human comprehension.

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