The Universe Is Expending Unequally, As Per A New Study

Up until now, the humanity knew that the Universe is expanding simultaneously in two directions, using the same speed and at the same time. If this had been true, the Universe would have been isotropic, since, in any direction that we look, it is expanding in synchrony with all the other points.

However, if the Universe is behaving differently is some directions, it would have been called anisotropic. Researchers have published a study that demonstrates the existence of an anisotropic characteristic in the Universe, which is a subject highly debated nowadays.

In theory, the clusters that register equal temperatures at similar distances must generate the same brightness. By analyzing 842 groups of galaxies and their X-ray emissions belonging to their present scorching gas, they discovered that the brightness level was not the same.

The study on how the Universe is expanding

The co-author of the study, Thomas Reiprich, is a researcher at the University of Bonn. He declared that the clusters with the same properties were less bright on one side than on the other. The difference between the two parts was quite significant, being almost 30%. In addition to this, the differences have a clear structure and are not positioned randomly in the Universe.

Even though their findings are mind-blowing, the researchers are aware of the fact that extensive research still needs to be done. However, the isotropy in the Universe has been observed through extensive research regarding the cosmic microwave background, which is an echo of the widely known Big Bang theory.

Whether their results are inconclusive or prone to change or the theory that we have believed until now is wrong, scientists’ primary focus is to determine the truth. Therefore, their upcoming studies involve images of billions of galaxies achieved through extensive observation campaigns. By analyzing the photos, the researchers aim to discover the expansion phenomena and their characteristics.

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