The Usable Storage Space of PlayStation 5 is Lower Than Expected

The PlayStation console series will soon become significantly better. In less than a week, Sony will release its next-generation PlayStation 5 console, a gaming machine that brings advanced hardware and controllers, purging of those annoying in-game loading times, and a lot more elements that will make many gamers forget about the older PlayStation 4 console. 

Among the leaked list of specifications, we all knew that the PS5 console would be featuring an SSD of 825GB. However, the truth is that the lucky owners of the console will get to use only a part of that storage space.

667GB for the usable storage space

The noted leaker Okami13 comes to shatter the dreams of many PS5 fans by bringing two conclusive images. A PS5 menu screen is revealed to have some technical information in the bottom-right corner. Details like the console’s serial number and the software version are also there, and the box suggests that there’s more than 648GB of storage space remaining out of a possible 667GB.

The 8.0 update for PlayStation 4 can record voice

The new 8.0 update already arrived for PS4 owners, and they might not like it at all. The console itself announced to the players that it’s recording what they’re speaking while they’re near the machine. The following message was the one revealing the bad news:

Voice chats may be recorded for moderation. By joining, you agree to being recorded.

The update will also arrive to the PlayStation 5 console with the same feature. All of the player’s conversations will be recorded as long as the microphone is turned on. This could be seen as a major downside of the upcoming console, which could cause a lot of gamers to buy the Xbox Series X instead.

Those who are willing to get their hands on Sony’s upcoming gaming machine will have to pay $499.99 for a unit, or $100 less for the Digital Edition that lacks a disc drive.

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