The ‘Vampire Empire’ MMO is Ready to Delight The Players Even More with The 3.2 Update

Military games represent such a common thing nowadays, but how about virtually traveling back in time and see how the battles unfolded hundreds of years ago? Sparkle such an environment with fantastic aspects, and you now get the full picture of what the Vampire Empire MMO has to offer. For a game released less than a year ago, it already has an impressive number of players.

But the game now becomes even more exciting, as the 3.2 version is up for grabs. The update grants both optimization and new content for the players to enjoy.

What the 3.2 update brings new

If you enjoyed playing Vampire Empire before, you’ll love it with the new 3.2 update, as it brings:

  1. Four sets of newly added Castle Skins, respectively providing buffs for technology research, resource production, troop training, and construction.
  2. Optimization regarding the Newbie event King’s Road. There’s a big reward available for grabs: a piece of whole equipment that can be found in the Black Market exchange. (Available within Server 5)
  3. Limited-time equipment that assures a further boost. The related materials can be obtained from the limited-time bosses present in the wild.
  4. Smoother gameplay than ever possible through system optimization.

As for the rest of the game features, Vampire Empire has a lot to offer:

  • Real-time battles where you can encounter players from all over the world.
  • Auto-translation included supporting over 8 languages.
  • Realistic simulation of castle building, and this includes technology researching, resource gathering, agriculture, troops training, and monster killing.
  • A large map where you can enjoy free exploration and transportation.
  • Build or join an alliance and fight together for the kingdom Throne.
  • Castles and Alliances do not feature permanent friends or enemies, only interests. Either opt for war or peace, it’s all up to you.

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