The Walking Dead index season 1-10

The Walking Dead is a famous TV series about a zombie apocalypse. The series won many prizes, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Television series. If you are a fan of the horror, you won’t be disappointed as the show features a lot of action and story twists. Nevertheless, its success is for real, so you won’t regret watching it. 

The show is part of the Drama, Horror, Thriller genres, and it rates 8.2/10 on IMDb. It was written by Frank Darabont, Par Adlard, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Seth Hoffman. Frank Darabont, David Boyd, Michelle MacLaren, and Gwyneth Horder-Payton directed the series. Currently, the American TV series is available on the AMC, Amazon Prime, and Netflix platforms. There are ten seasons in total so far, featuring 115 episodes.

The Walking Dead Cast & Characters

  • Andrew Lincoln As Rick Grimes
  • Norman Reedus As Daryl Dixon
  • Danai Gurira As Michonne
  • Melissa McBride As Carol Peletier
  • Lauren Cohan As Maggie Green
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Negan
  • Chandler Riggs As Carl Grimes
  • Steven Yeun As Glenn Rhee
  • Christian Serratos As Rosita Espinosa
  • Josh McDermitt As Eugene Porter
  • Alanna Masterson As Tara Chambler
  • Seth Gilliam As Gabriel Stokes
  • Ross Marquand As Aaron
  • Lennie James As Morgan Jones
  • Tom Payne As Paul Jesus Monroe
  • Katelyn Nacon As Enid

The Walking Dead Season 1

The first season is formed of six episodes:

Episode 1- Days Gone Bye

Episode 2- Guts

Episode 3- Tell It To The Frogs

Episode 4- Vatos

Episode 5- Wildfire

Episode 6- TS-19

Bonus- The Walking Dead: Sneak Peek


The first season is about Rick Grimes, a sheriff deputy waking up from the coma. He then wants to get back to his homeland Georgia to meet his wife Lori, and son Carl. Among all the dead walkers, he meets Merle, T-Dogg, and Glenn. The crew heads off to CDC in hopes of finding a cure, which doesn’t exist, according to the scientist that kills himself. Jacqui follows the same path, but not before telling Rick essential info about the zombies. 

The Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2 is formed of 13 episodes, which are: 

Episode 1- What Lies Ahead

Episode 2- Bloodletting

Episode 3- Save The Last One

Episode 4- Cherokee Rose

Episode 5- Chupacabra

Episode 6- Secrets

Episode 7- Pretty Much Dead Already

Episode 8- Nebraska

Episode 9- Triggerfinger

Episode 10- 18 Miles Out

Episode 11- Judge, Jury, Executioner

Episode 12- Better Angels

Episode 13- Beside the Dying Fire

Bonus- The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer


Season 2 is full of shootings and drama. Otis shoots Carl, Shane kills Otis, Lori is pregnant, Sophia, Carol’s daughter, turns into a walker after disappearing, Rick kills her, Shane kills Hershey, and then gets himself killed by Rick. The plot has plenty of twists and suspense moments. 

The Walking Dead Season 3

Season 3 is formed of 16 episodes: 

Episode 1- Seed

Episode 2- Sick

Episode 3- Walk With Me

Episode 4- Killer Within

Episode 5- Say The Word

Episode 6- Hounded

Episode 7- When The Dead Come Knocking

Episode 8- Made to Suffer

Episode 9- The Suicide King

Episode 10- Home

Episode 11- I Ain’t a Judas

Episode 12- Clear

Episode 13- Arrow on the Doorpost

Episode 14- Prey

Episode 15- This Sorrowful Life

Episode 16- Welcome to the Tombs


The squad takes over a prison full of walkers to turn it into their safe zone. Dog dies while saving Carol, Lori dies as well. The Woodbury community and their leader, the Governor, get defeated by the end of the season.

The Walking Dead Season 4

Season 4 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- 30 Days Without An Accident

Episode 2- Infected

Episode 3- Isolation

Episode 4- Indifference

Episode 5- Internment

Episode 6- Live Bait

Episode 7- Dead Weight

Episode 8- Too Far Gone

Episode 9- After

Episode 10- Inmates

Episode 11- Claimed

Episode 12- Still

Episode 13- Alone

Episode 14- The Grove

Episode 15- Us

Episode 16- A


A disease breaks over the prison, Carol kills Karen and David, the Governor kidnaps Michonne and kills Hershel. However, Lilly kills The Governor. The community then divides into separate groups, one of them heading toward Washington D.C. to find a cure. Beth is kidnapped, Carol’s team is the only one not trapped in Terminus. Rick creates his own group of people. 

The Walking Dead Season 5

Season 5 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- No Sanctuary

Episode 2- Strangers

Episode 3- Four Walls and a Roof

Episode 4- Slabtown

Episode 5- Self Help

Episode 6- Consumed

Episode 7- Crossed

Episode 8- Coda

Episode 9- What Happened and What’s Going On

Episode 10- Them

Episode 11- The Distance

Episode 12- Remember

Episode 13- Forget

Episode 14- Spend

Episode 15- Try

Episode 16- Conquer


Season 5 is about Beth’s recovery. The show sees a new character, leader Dawn, ex-cop. The Terminus group is led by Terminus, and they kill Bob. Dawn kills Beth, Tyreese dies too. Eugene lies to everyone that she has a remedy. Pete is jealous of Rick and his marriage; however, he gets killed by him. Rick also kills Reg. 

The Walking Dead Season 6

Season 6 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- First Time Again

Episode 2- JSS

Episode 3- Thank You

Episode 4- Here’s Not Here

Episode 5- Now

Episode 6- Always Accountable

Episode 7- Heads Up

Episode 8- Start to Finish

Episode 9- No Way Out

Episode 10- The Next World

Episode 11- Knots Untie

Episode 12- Not Tomorrow Yet

Episode 13- The Same Boat

Episode 14- Twice as Far

Episode 15- East

Episode 16- Last Day on Earth 


Rick leads the Alexandrian community into the walkers’ hands due to his foolishness. Deanna dies, and Owen gets captured. The Savior is a new group that takes Alexandria’s resources. Therefore Rick makes an agreement with The Hilltop. The Savior’s leader takes the group to the Hilltop to assist pregnant Maggie.

The Walking Dead Season 7

Season 7 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Episode 2- The Well

Episode 3- The Cell

Episode 4- Service

Episode 5- Go Getters

Episode 6- Swear

Episode 7- Sing Me A Song

Episode 8- Heart Still Beating

Episode 9- Rock in the Road

Episode 10- New Best Friends

Episode 11- Hostiles and Calamities

Episode 12- Say Yes

Episode 13- Bury Me Here

Episode 14- The Other Side

Episode 15- Something They Need

Episode 16- The First Day of the Rest of Your Life


Negan is the one who killed Glenn and Abraham. Tara gets in Oceanside, in a womanly-only community, after a supply run failed. The Saviors take Daryl, and The Kingdom becomes their ally. Scavengers and Saviors join forces. 

The Walking Dead Season 8

Season 8 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- Mercy

Episode 2- The Damned

Episode 3- Monsters

Episode 4- Some Guy

Episode 5- The Big Scary U

Episode 6- The King, the Widow, and Rick

Episode 7- Time for After

Episode 8- How It’s Gotta Be

Episode 9- Honor

Episode 10- The Lost and the Plunderers

Episode 11- Dead or Alive Or

Episode 12- The Key

Episode 13- Do Not Send Us Astray

Episode 14- Still Gotta Mean Something

Episode 15- Worth

Episode 16- Wrath


Season 8 shows zombies attacking the Sanctuary. Maggie’s community meet Georgie. Carl gets bitten and wants to kill himself before turning into a monster. Jadis defies Negan big time. The Savior’s plan to slaughter the Alexandrians goes down the river; however, Rick lets Negan live. 

The Walking Dead Season 9

Season 9 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- A New Beginning

Episode 2- The Bridge

Episode 3- Warning Signs

Episode 4- The Obliged

Episode 5- What Comes After

Episode 6- Who Are You Now?

Episode 7- Stradivarius

Episode 8- Evolution

Episode 9- Adaptation

Episode 10- Omega

Episode 11- Bounty

Episode 12- Guardians

Episode 13- Chokepoint

Episode 14- Scars

Episode 15- The Calm Before

Episode 16- The Storm


Season 9 shows Negan’s community dealing with him losing. Maggie kills Gregory for not following her orders. Some Savior members fight with Rick’s gang, and other members are joining Oceanside. Rick bombs the bridge to stop the zombies and gets saved by Anne from Daryl. The TV series fast-forwards to six years later, revealing Michonne’s scar origins. By the end of the season, Whisperers kill most main characters. 

The Walking Dead Season 10

Season 10 is formed of 16 episodes:

Episode 1- Lines We Cross

Episode 2- We Are The End Of The World

Episode 3- Ghosts

Episode 4- Silence The Whisperers

Episode 5- What It Always Is

Episode 6- Bonds

Episode 7- Open Your Eyes

Episode 8- The World Before

Episode 9- Squeeze

Episode 10- Stalker

Episode 11- Morning Star

Episode 12- Walk with Us

Episode 13- What We Become

Episode 14- Look at the Flowers

Episode 15- The Tower


Whisperer territory gets bombed. Ezekiel wants to commit suicide, but Michonne stops him. Negan gets away from the prison, kills Brandon, and gets caught by Beta of the Whisperers. Alpha killed her daughter, Lydia, but lies about it; however, Carol finds out. Siddiq uncovers Dante’s true identity as a Whisperer spy. Gabriel kills Dante. 

Carol frees Negan, who proceeds to kill Whisperers to prove his loyalty towards Daryl. The Beta leads the walkers toward Alexandria, but that place turns out to be empty. Therefore, they head toward their actual location, the hospitals.


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