The Winds of Winter: Do We Finally Have a Release Date?

We’ve been waiting for a release date for The Winds of Winter for quite a time, years now. We all know that George RR Martin has broken all of his promises so far. The author talked to us about many deadlines for The Winds of Winter launch, but he didn’t actually deliver it on the stated dates. The Winds of Winter will be the 6th book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and after Game of Thrones ended, people wanted the book even more. 

As of now, fans hope that The Winds of Winter will have a better storyline than Game of Thrones and that all the characters will actually get justice in this one. 

So when is the release date of the book? 

George RR Martin has promised his book to us at the end of July because he was going to bring the manuscript of the book to the Worldcon 2020 in New Zealand. The event has been canceled. However, Martin is still working on the book.  

The author has also talked about the coronavirus lockdown, which has given him enough time to work on the book. He had spent a lot of time with the book than in the real world lately. 

What will happen in the book? 

This book will continue the story from “A Dance with Dragons,” where Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton prepare for the Battle of Ice. In this book, we’ll learn more about the Battle of Ice, which was what it used to be called the Battle of Bastards. Stannis Baratheon will also be involved. 

We have also heard about the Battle at Slaver’s Bay, where Daenerys and her Dragons will stop the revolution at MereenAryStark will have a bigger role in the book, and Euron Greyjoy will try to raise the Kraken and impress the Queen for her hand in marriage. 

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