There’s a Bug That Asks You to Install Apps You Already Have on Your Device; How Dangerous Is It?

There’s an unusual bug that makes the Google Play Store show users re-download Android app updates, even if they are already installed on the device.

Those who went and visited the “My apps & games” section of the Play Store on Sunday and Monday have seen that there are many updates available. Most of them were for first-party Google apps, including Wear OS, YouTube TV, Sheets, Slides, Tasks Phone, Gmail, Google Docs, Fit, and Files. But there were also some third-party apps appearing with the same message.

The number of the new updates on a weekend in very weird, and it raises some questions. If you compare the versions found on the Google Play listing with the App info page from your phone before you download an app, you will see that they are identical. Some are months-old, and some are from last week.

If you tap on Update, you will see download the pending version, and we all saw that when it came to the Drive family of applications. But other apps start to download the update, and they will appear under the “Recently updated” list. After you “updated” the app, it will no longer make its appearance in the queue.

Another problem might be how closing Google Play from the ‘Recents’ menu will make these updates disappear, and the new one then shows up.

According to some user reports, the bug seems to be quite widespread on the platform. Keep in mind that installing an app that you already have on your device is not dangerous; nothing will happen. It might only mess with unnecessary data usage.

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