There’s a Parallel Universe Born From the Big Bang and It’s Not What Expected

Some NASA scientists are currently working on an experiment in Antarctica. It seems that they have found some pieces of evidence of a parallel universe. They have also found that the rules of physics are not entirely similar to those of ours, but opposite.

We have heard the idea of a parallel universe since the 1960s, in TV shows, comics, and movies. But a cosmic ray detection experiment has found particles that can originate from a parallel universe, which was born in the Big Bang.

ANITA is here to help us

In order to find all of these details, researchers used a big balloon to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) above Antarctica. That’s where the frigid and dry air offer the best environment with little radio noise, which could ruin the conclusions of the research. They found a constant wave of high-energy particles that arrived on Earth from the space.

We know that subatomic neutrino, with low-energy and a mass so little, can pass through Earth. However, the objects with high energy are entirely stopped by the matter of our planet. This actually means that the high-energy particles can be detected coming down right from the space. However, ANITA detects heavier particles, the tau neutrinos – these are the ones coming up out of the Earth.

All of these findings suggest that the particles are traveling backward in time. This implies the existence of a parallel universe.

Peter Gorham, ANITA investigator, stated that the only way the tau neutrino could behave the way it does right now is it undergoes a change when it comes to the type of the particle before it passes through the Earth and then it gets back again. But researchers are skeptical. Gorham stated: “Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis.”

There might be one explanation when it comes to this phenomenon: when the Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago, there were two universes formed, not only one. We are talking about ours and another one which runs in reverse. In the later, time is going backward.

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