This 4K Triple Laser Projector Successfully Replaces Smart TV’s

Smart TV’s triggered a revolution in technology by replacing the old TV’s that occupied much more space and were significantly less productive. But technology makes another huge step forward, as triple laser projectors are here and ready to replace smart TV’s. 

Samsung’s The Premiere projector is just about the size of a console, and it will shoot 4K footage directly on your wall. The gadget occupies significantly less space than a physical TV, and Samsung is proud to present it in the video below:

The South Korean giant also says that The Premiere needs to sit 11.3cm from the user’s wall. The gear will then project a screen between 100 and 120 or 130 inches, as it depends on the model chosen: LSP7T or LSP9T. You can use the Premiere projector for viewing content in both daylight and at night. Both the LSP7T and LSP9T have a contrast range topping out at 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness.

Gaming will be better

Those willing to be playing some games on the new Premiere projector from Samsung have enough reasons to be happy, as the South Korean giant declared:

The Premiere offers gamers a fantastic experience too, providing all of its picture and sound benefits in addition to lower input lag to ensure that gamers can get fully absorbed in high-quality gameplay,


You’ll need to start saving money ASAP if you want to get your hands on such a beauty like Samsung’s The Premiere. The LSP7T model is available for $3,500, while the LSP9T can be purchased for $6,500. We believe that the prices are reasonable, considering that a powerful smart TV is priced for pretty much the same amounts.

We should all praise the technology of the future, as it has arrived. By this rhythm, there will be no more need for spacious gears at all.

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