This Google Play Store Change Improves The Lives of Many Android Users

The Google Play Store has over 2.8 million apps of all kinds, more than 1 billion users, and these numbers keep on growing. Google seems to be doing its best for bringing to Android users great services, and we have yet another reason to believe so. 

Android fans running an older version of their operating system will see the upgrade as a great option thanks to the latest update to the Google Play Store. Google has shifted the API level requirement for updates within the Google Play Store.

All patches of existing apps must target Android 10 or higher

Since Android 11 is out for almost two months now, Google made the logical step of urging developers to make all patches of existing apps to be adapted for Android 10 (at least!). This will allow apps that weren’t previously focused on Android 10 to be pushed towards getting the advantages of the operating system’s software and security improvements.

Google provided some useful explanations on the matter:

Every new Android version introduces changes that bring significant security and performance improvements as well as enhance the user experience of Android overall.

Some of these changes only apply to apps that explicitly declare support.

Configuring your app to target a recent API level ensures that users can benefit from these improvements, while still allowing it to run on older Android versions.

Play Store has a multitude of apps, e-books, wallpapers, games, songs, and more. About 98% of the total apps (we also include games here) are free of charge, and about 90% of the total Android revenue is generated from games. Last but not least, we must remind about the number of Google Play developers: about 388,000.

Google Play Store doesn’t show any signs that it will slow down with its huge fanbase, although the marketplace accidentally harboured some dangerous apps.

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