This Headset Can Be an Efficient Cure for Depression

We all have to be fair and admit that depression is a major global problem these days, and it’s far from being something shameful. Anybody can suffer from depression from various causes, like sentimental problems, family issues, not getting work done for deadlines, and so on. Depression has to be cured; otherwise, it can lead to the development of even worse mental diseases.

Flow Neuroscience launched the Flow Headset, which can provide significant help for people suffering from depression around the world.

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is the key

The new gadget sends small electrical signals to the brain, which are known as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). The goal is to stimulate neurons from the left frontal cortex of the brain.

There is at least one experiment that provides great hope for the Flow Headset to cure people diagnosed with depression. A study conducted in 2017 and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, analyzed patients that were treated with tDCS, which is similar to the brain stimulation used in the Flow headset. 24 percent of those people were cured of an episode of depression. Furthermore, 41 percent of the patients lost at least half of their symptoms.

Daniel Mansson, who is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Flow, declared:

“Flow was created with a team of the world’s most prominent researchers in the field of psychiatry and brain stimulation.

“Flow is a drug-free treatment for depression. It comprises a home brain stimulation headset and is the EU’s and UK’s first (and only) medically approved treatment of its type.

“The Flow headset uses a mild electrical signal to stimulate and rebalance activity in this area. Randomised controlled trials published in the New England Journal of Medicine and the British Journal of Psychiatry showed that this type of brain stimulation had a similar impact to antidepressants, but with fewer and less-severe side effects.”

The Flow Headset provides great hope for those struggling with depression, and we have high expectations that the gadget will be used at a much larger scale in the near future.

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