This Is How Shrek Saved the Studio; How We Almost Lost Shrek 5

Shrek is a fantastic franchise, and we are eagerly waiting for the fifth part of the series. We might need to wait for a bit more until that happens, but we are here to give you some interesting facts about the movie.

Donkey looked like… Eeyore?

Before choosing a final version of a particular character, there are many drawing stages. This is so important that it dictates the way the movie will do when it hits the cinema.

They said that Donkey was the easiest one to sketch because there was not really a reference for what a talking donkey would look like. So they were free to draw whatever they wanted.

One of its first drawings looked like Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh. While we love a good Eeyore drawing, we’re glad we got our Donkey.

This is the movie that saved DreamWorks

Do you know what a great deal is? When a movie saves a production company because of how good it is. Shrek did that with DreamWorks, and let’s all remember that it is a movie for children.

Shrek was a box office hit when it first hit the theaters in 2001, and it brought 500 million dollars worldwide. This entire series has brought a lot of money. Like, a lot. So it did save the DreamWorks company when it came to the financial situation. This is the same studio that brought titles like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How To Train Your Dragon. And it was all because of Shrek.

Those films we talked about got their own franchises, which also brought a lot of money.

Everyone was obsessed with Shrek

We all know that our childhood was better with Shrek in it. It’s funny, even if sometimes it can also be inappropriate – kids don’t get it, anyway. We all saw Shrek as the sweet ogre who just wanted to fit in.

Apparently, the internet is obsessed with the ogre. The entire thing happened back in 2009 when the movie launched its official page on Facebook. People started to do creepy fan fiction and fan art, and we don’t know if we cringe or we’re scared. Some of them were disgusting and utterly wrong. These fans called themselves Brogres. We still don’t understand where it all comes from.

Improvisation is always right

We often see in sitcoms and comedy movies that there is some improvisation, especially if the actors are good at it.

It’s enjoyable to watch an actor improvising something, even if they don’t do it intentionally.

This is precisely what happened while Shrek was meeting the light of the day. Cameron Diaz burped after drinking some Coca-Cola, and it ended up in the movie. She was recording at that moment, and the producers believed it was a good idea to write it for Princess Fiona.

Eddie Murphy also improvised a line: “She’s as nasty as you are!”. Some of the best moments in movies are those that are not scripted.



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