Time-Traveling Humans Might Pilot UFOs, According to Latest Claim

UFOs might be piloted not by extraterrestrial creatures as believed, but as time-traveling humans, according to a recent intriguing and odd claim. The report came from an academic who already caused a lot of controversies.

Alien meetings and UFOs sightings are being speculated for a long time. Records showcase how scribes of the pharaoh Thutmose III describe some strange “fiery disks” over the skies in 1440 BC. Since then, we haven’t changed too much and still believe in the mysterious flying disk.

Also, countless reports filled the researchers’ desks and study papers, even if the confusion and fear were among everything they could imagine in those moments. But how could this time be different?

Time-traveling Humans, Aliens, and UFOs

An academic unveiled an unbelievable theory which challenges the criterion that UFO sightings are mistaken. Therefore, aliens are indirect human descendants, returning to our planet from the future to examine us in our ancient evolutionary history.

Michael Masters is a professor of biological anthropology from the Montana Technological University in Butter. He thinks that his claim details and offers insights into the constant classification of aliens. He stated: “If the same dominant trends that characterize the last six million years of hominid evolution are to continue into the future, we’re very likely to have a form similar to what’s reported in so many instances of alien encounters.”

The professor has a background in biomedical research and human evolutionary anatomy, is not impressed by the skepticism amidst other experts about the probability of time travel. He thinks, however, that it is odd technologically advanced aliens would intend to visit us anytime soon.

According to his claim, aliens wouldn’t want to reach Earth because they would have no reason at all. How the professor’s theory will evolve and how it will influence other researchers’ work, we will have to wait and see.

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