Titan Might Shows Us Some Significant Details About Earth

As researchers utilized the data gathered from the Cassini mission (2004-2017), we get to understand more about climate on Titan from one of the most recent studies. They analyzed the weather and climate of Titan, Saturn’s most significant moon, and reported an essential seasonal difference in its energy system.

The results could bring new details about Earth’s climate, too. Titan is known as the only cosmic feature in the solar system, other than Earth, with a vital atmosphere and liquid area lakes. Ellen C. Creecy, a doctoral student in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Houston, also the first author of the study, explained how significant such research is to “learn a lot about Earth.”

There are notable variations between our planet and Titan, too. For example, Titan is liquid methane rather than water. Moreover, it takes Saturn and its moons far much to perform an orbit adequately around the moon.

Titan Might Shows Us Some Significant Details About Earth

Liming Li, a physics professor at UH, stated, “Earth’s small energy imbalance has significant effects on its global warming and climate change. We expect that the dynamically-varying budget and the possible energy imbalance have important impacts on the weather and climate systems on Titan.”

The Cassini mission was enough for researchers to gather data, which provided the first chance to analyze the seasonal differences of Titan systematically. The results indicate the length between the Sun and Earth might act significantly on our planet’s energy balance. Xun Jiang, professor of atmospheric science at UH, explained: “Such a mechanism has not been examined for Earth’s energy imbalance.”

Creecy had also said that further research is needed to understand better what the analyzed energy imbalance means for Titan. She added, “There is complicated interaction between the energy budget and atmospheric system, which is being explored by our research.”

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