Top 8 Best Torrent Websites for Ebooks and Audiobooks 

Ebooks and Audiobooks have become a new way of enjoying a good story. Instead of holding a book in your hands, you can use almost any device to read, such as your smartphone or a kindle. However, you are too tired to read; you can listen to your favorite story. Therefore, if you are searching for free books, you came to the right place. 

Today, I’m going to share with you the best websites where you can find free ebooks and audiobooks. We have to admit that buying books can be costly, and as much as we enjoy real books, we can’t always afford them. Maybe you need a book to help you with an exam, or simply want to enjoy a book you used to read as a child. Did you ever wish to read the original copy of a book? 

Finding ebooks and audiobooks on Flipkart or Amazon can be expensive when you don’t have money to spend on tiny hobbies. Plus, there is a space problem that most of us have, which brings us back to our topic. In this article, I have listed the eight best torrent websites where you can download your “treasure.” The books are almost all the time in the ebook (PDF) or audiobook format. 

Acquiring a library can be very difficult. It takes time, space, and money. However, having your favorite books on your PC or smartphone is a more achievable dream and less time-consuming. The below websites have an incredible collection of the best books of all time. Not you say you won’t be bothered by pop-ads that much. I will present you with safe methods to read your favorite books. Without further ado, here are the best torrent websites for online ebooks in 2020.


The first website is WikiBooks. As all websites mentioned in this article, this one is safe from malware and bloatware. WikiBooks offers ebooks in various languages which are available worldwide. This torrent website is at the top of our list thanks to its extensive library.

On top of that, you can find books in different languages such as Italian, Hindi, Deutsch, English, and six other languages. The website is pretty straightforward; therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems using it. All you need to do is to select the language you want to read the books and search for it. 

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay supports magnet links and peer-to-peer file sharing. This website offers more than just ebooks as well as apps, games, songs, music, tv shows, series, etc. However, compared to WikiBooks, this platform is not available in all regions. You may have heard of this website for its large collection of movies and music; however, it additionally offers a nice collection of ebooks.

The Pirate Bay is easy to use; all you need to do is search for a book in the search bar. The platform also offers a Top Ten EBooks list. Therefore, if you are curious about trending or the bestseller list, this torrent website is perfect. If you are a manga fan, you already know how expensive they are. However, The Pirate Bay can help you in this department with a simple download button. Please note you need a strong VPN in order to make the most of this platform. 


Free is also free of adds. Therefore, if you want to read your ebooks in peace with no pop-ups or random advertisements, this is the perfect platform. Plus, the website is available around the world. Another worth mentioning is that the library is divided based on the genre, which makes searching for a book easier. You can find almost any genre from science, fiction, sci-fi, or horror, and romantic ebooks, as well as other genres.

The ebooks on this website are in PDF format. Details such as the number of downloads and the ebooks’ size are also at the user’s disposal. However, in order to make the most of the website, you need to sign up and have an account. This is the only way you will be able to download the books for free. 


1337X is a website that features a fantastic UI. Everything on this platform is divided into categories, which makes it easy to use. Besides ebooks, the website offers anime, movies, series, software, and even games content. Although it is in our top four, 1337X is not available in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

If you are more into audiobooks than reading, this platform is one of the best choices. 1337X has two different sections, one for ebooks and the other for audiobooks. Same as the above platforms, this one has no malware or adware. It is very popular thanks to its UI, so don’t be afraid to use it.


Torlock is the fifth website on our list. The platform features only verified torrents. On top of all that, there are many other entertainment categories that you can enjoy on this torrent website. Besides ebooks, you can find anime, movies, tv shows, and even software here. Unfortunately, Torlock is not available in Australia and the United Kingdom; however, the rest of the regions shouldn’t have any problems using it. 

I don’t know about you, but I like organized things. Therefore, this platform is perfect for finding whatever book you are looking for, thanks to its dedicated ebooks section. Same as the previous websites, this one is also known for its smooth UI. And don’t forget that it offers verified torrents, which makes every user’s life easier.  

However, compared to the above website, Torlock is not adware free, which means you’ll be annoyed by many pop-ups and advertisements. Although it is a great place to fill up your digital library, the only inconvenience it has are the advertisements. Be careful about the sudden-redirects to random websites, and you should be fine using it. 


Books-share has some strong features you might be interested in. The website displays the synopsis of a book and the number of pages. You can also find books available in various languages. As you can probably tell by the name, this platform provides ebooks only. Another important aspect is the fact that it is available worldwide. 

The way things are organized on this platform is worthy of Monica from Friends. Therefore, if this a major aspect to you, feel confident to give the website a try. Besides having a dedicated section for ebooks, it also does the same for genres. If you are searching for humour, technology, science, fiction, or psychology, this platform has it all in a tidy manner.  

Before downloading a book, some like to get a glimpse of the story. Therefore, Books-share includes the synopsis of the book. On top of that, the reader can see other details, such as the number of chapters and pages. This way, you don’t have to download a book in order to figure out if it is what you are looking for. Having the synopsis of the book displayed makes things easier. However, in order to download the content on this website, you need an account, which means signing up.


BookYards is an incredible platform that offers over 7000 ebooks. You can also discover audiobooks besides ebooks on this website. Plus, this torrent website is available worldwide. It has a smooth UI, and everything is pretty well organized by category and genre. Not to say, downloading any of the 7000 ebooks is absolutely free, which is the best part.  

However, what pops up in terms of genres is the wide range the website is offering. If you are into weird subjects, such as Spirituality, BookYards can provide that. It also includes other genres that are not often seen on those types of websites, such as Parenting, Memoirs, Economics, you get the drill. All ebooks are in PDF format, so don’t worry about using this platform. 


Torrent9 is the last torrent website on our list. One of the strongest features it comes with is the straightforward and crisp UI. The store offers ebooks, movies, tv shows, games, and even music. However, the platform is not available in all regions, so you need to check it out or use a safe VPN. 

This website is very easy to use thanks to its smooth UI. Searching for books is simple and very clear since the library is divided based on categories. If you are looking to replace Torlock, this platform is a nice alternative. Similar to other websites mentioned in our list, Torrent9 has a dedicated section for ebooks.

In addition to having a smooth UI, it also comes with a dose of pretty aesthetic. Therefore, besides getting the books you want, you’ll want to explore the platform just to get a taste of it. However, if you somehow get bored of reading books at some point, or simply want to take a break, the website offers other ways to entertain yourself. You can watch a TV show or a movie. If you are into animes, the platform provides that too, including apps. 

This is the list of the top eight torrent websites for finding free ebooks and audiobooks. Good luck with searching bookworm!

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