Top TV Streaming Devices for Apple and Amazon Users

Whether you are looking to escape the cable company or want to say goodbye to the boring interface built into your smart TV, a reliable streaming device is what you might need!

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Roku all have options that might suit you, but deciding which platform to choose can be a tedious task.

To make the choice more comfortable, we gathered the top 4K HDR-ready TV streaming devices together for a quick comparison.

We will start this guide with the overall best choice, but we’ll also include other particular decisions that might be better in some cases.

Overall Best

Roku’s Streaming Stick Plus is the best choice for most users.

It has impressive Wi-Fi reception, and it can plug right into an HDMI port on your TV.

Like other products from the company, the apps aren’t always pretty to look at, but most popular apps are available (Amazon, HBO, Netflix, and so on).

The main interface allows users to search for shows and movies across all subscriptions at once.

You can also add or delete the apps you don’t want/need anymore to improve aesthetics.

A cheaper alternative is available in the form of the Roku Premiere, but it is bigger. It is a convenient choice if the ports on the rear of your TV or soundbar are too skinny to properly fit a streaming stick.

Best Buy has a custom version of the stick that features a headphone jack and earbuds for the remote. If you live with family or roommates who always complain about noise, you should keep the option in mind!

For Apple Fans

If you own an iPhone or you’re already subscribed to Apple’s library, an Apple TV might be worth the extra price.

It includes most major streaming apps like Amazon Video, and it is reportedly simpler to use than Roku.

Make sure that you pick an adequate version so that you won’t run out of space.

Apple also offers a cheaper, HD-only version, but we suggest avoiding it as it’s weaker and outdated.

For Phone Streamers

Google’s Chromecast revolutionized the industry when it was introduced seven years ago.

Instead of relying on a remote, it allows you to cast (project videos wirelessly) from streaming apps on your smartphone or tablet.

You only need to launch the video on your device, tap a button, and then the video starts playing on your TV.

Chromecast can also mirror Chrome tabs on your computer, displaying them on your TV, which is advantageous for watching browser-powered streams. However, there is a downside – At times, you feel the need for remote control.

For Amazon Users

Amazon significantly boosted and improved the specifications of the newest Fire TV Stick 4K. The Alexa-compatible remote works wonders, too.

The Fire TV Stick returns crisp quality in an affordable form.

Unfortunately, the menus are intensely geared toward promoting Amazon Prime video content and buying / renting range from Amazon’s store.

Apps for competitors like Hulu and Netflix are available but are reserved for a single row of the interface.

YouTube is available after the whole Google / Amazon feud, but Vudu still isn’t available.

Make sure that you think your choice through so that you won’t regret it later on.

Is having a remote control important to you? If so, make sure that you avoid the Google Chromecast!

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