UC Browser Alternatives: 5 Best Choices Available to Download

UC Browser has the China mark on it, and it was designed to offer the best features for its users. However, for some people, it might not be the thing they want. We are here to give you some alternatives.


Opera stands in line alongside Firefox, and Chrome. It’s small, and it does not occupy much on your hard disk. It is fast, and it is more secure than many browsers out there. You can get it for free, and you can play 360-degrees videos directly into a virtual reality headset.

But you need to keep in mind that it does not come with parental control and does not have that many extensions or themes to use. Also, it is not compatible with some sites, and it does not have the progress bar for loading sites.


Chrome is the most popular search engine out there, and it works on multiple platforms. It is very easy to use, and it has many extensions to enjoy. Also, it is known for its built-in security features. However, Google will share your browsing data, and it is not as fast as other browsers out there.

But you can sync it across all devices, and you can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Have we mentioned bookmarks? Links are easy to save, and you can find them in just one click away.


This one was made for Apple, and it comes automatically installed on all of Apple’s devices. It’s quite easy to use. You also get reading links to save sites and read them later. It is one of the fastest browsers out there, and it has an excellent search plug-in. However, it only works for your Apple devices, but you can sync it across multiple Apple devices.

But it has a quick and clean interface, and it is preloaded on all iOS devices. You’ll find your Bookmarks at Top Sites.


Vivaldi is so well-designed, it attracts a lot of people. It comes with great features, and it is stable and fast. However, you cannot customize it that much, and the performance does not meet the competition’s expectations. Also, different features overlap in functionality.

The setup process is quite easy to figure out, and the tabs allow you to have the easiest navigation out there, even if you have many tabs open. You can view multiple tabs side-by-side, and it has this fantastic note-taking tool integrated.


This one is another version of Firefox, which has been made for 64-bit operating systems. Its design is worth every penny, and it is very fast. However, that also means that it has high system requirements. It’s basically like Firefox, but more delicate and faster.

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