Ultimate Proof of Alien Life? Astronomers Detect Mysterious Lights

Since the dawn of time, we humans have been asking ourselves if we are alone in the Universe. And if we aren’t, how do aliens look like, how do they behave, and how would they treat us? These kinds of questions have been exploited by the human mind in Science Fiction movies like Star Wars and many others.

But is there any actual proof of any kind of alien life forms? Claims like “the Universe is too big, and so we cannot live on the only planet that can harbor life” are reasonable, but unsatisfying for many.

Flashing lights among stars could be sign of extraterrestrial life

A group of astrophysicists led by Beatriz Villarroel just supposed in a new paper published in the Astronomical Jurnal that a number of odd flickering lights spotted between stars could actually be created by interstellar communication lasers. They could be used by aliens as a form of communication from one point in space to another.

In the report, the researchers involved wrote:

The implications of finding such objects extend from traditional astrophysics fields to the more exotic searches for evidence of technologically advanced civilizations,

The evidence comes since the ’50s

The astrophysicists studied pieces of evidence of the weird flickering lights from the sky since the ’50s. They’ve seen ‘red transients’, meaning instances of stars mysteriously disappearing from the galaxy. About 100 of such mysterious disappearing stars have been detected.

Science claims that stars disappear only when they explode, but that’s not the case here. The findings could rewrite whole chapters of astrophysics, according to the scientists. And, of course, another reason for the sudden disappearing of stars could be represented by mysterious entities from other planets.

Unfortunately, we might never find out for sure if there is life elsewhere in the Cosmos or not. The truth is, both scenarios are equally frightening.

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