Underwater Footage Sheds More Light On the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places on Earth, making entire ships disappear alongside humans. One of the best-known examples is a ship that disappeared 100 years ago, and nobody had found out where and why. The disappearance of Cotopaxi is shrouded in paranormal activities and mystery. The ship left Charleston from South Carolina with the destination Havana, Cuba, in 1925. Unfortunately, the boat didn’t reach its destination together with the 32 passengers.

SS Cotopaxi Is Also Known as the Bear Wreck

The shocking news is coming from a documentary in which we find out that the ship Cotopaxi is discovered. The researchers are saying that the faith of the boat was to sand after a few days from sailing. The ship sank during a storm on its way to Cuba. What is even more incredible to say at least, is the fact that the ship is now called the Bear Wreck and the locals know it.

Having all this information, a team of underwater explorers, together with maritime archaeologists, have begun the underwater mission. They started to survey the shipwreck last year for 35 nautical miles around the coast of St. Augustine from Florida.

Underwater Footage Sheds More Light on the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

After analyzing the data, the specialist confirmed that we are talking indeed about Cotopaxi. The mission in the depth of the water was realized with the help of the Science Channel for the series Shipwreck Secrets. To watch a short video with the wreck, follow this link (courtesy to MSN).

All in all, the way the team discovered the shipwreck is by the wireless signal sent by the ship on December 1st in 1925. That was the key that gives them the possibility to find the ship’s place. A participant from the expedition, Joe Citelli, says that the Bermuda Triangle is not a place with paranormal activities, and everything has a logical explanation. So, after 100 years, we have finally found out where the ship Cotopaxi went and what happened with it.

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