Venus Will Shine Bright on Our Skies; See When Will You Be Able to Catch It

It seems that Venus is looking to be in the spotlight.

After the planet simply sat near the moon over the weekend, Venus will be at the greatest brightness for the year, and the best part is that we all be able to see it in our sky night on Monday and Tuesday, April 27th and 28th, 2020.

On Monday night, the mood was in its waxing crescent phase, which means that it only emitted 18% illumination. Take a look at the horizon. Do you see a bright, shiny object in the sky? Well, if the answer is yes, then that is the planet, Venus. Venus will be the second-brightest object in the night sky, and it will only be beaten by our moon.

So when can I see it?

Make sure you catch it when you have some free time because Venus will set (drop below the horizon) by 10:28 pm Brazos Valley time.

If you were now able to see it on Sunday or Monday night, clouds might ruin your plans and stand in your way of seeing Venus Tuesday, on the 28th of April. That is when Venus shines the brightest this year in 2020. But there will be clear skies on Wednesday, so around dusk might be an excellent time to try again and look at the sky for Venus.

Venus will disappear, but it will be back on our skies

As time goes by, Venus will start to dim again, before it actually wholly disappears in the sun’s glare. It will do that by the end of the May. And it supposed to makes its appearance again in early June, as a “morning star,” according to astronomers.

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