Video Games are Joining the Fight against COVID-19 in a Unique Way

There are long gone those times when playing video games was an activity only for children. Nowadays, gaming has become so realistic and fun that the majority of people are choosing it for spending time in an exciting way. Whether you prefer shooting, racing, fighting, open-world, strategy, or educational games, there are plenty of relevant titles to choose from.

But while it’s highly recommended for all of us to stay at home as much as possible during the ongoing pandemic, playing games can be an excellent motivation, and the developers know this every well. Therefore, they are participating against the COVID-19 pandemic in a unique way: in-game warnings.

Sniper Elite 4, and Dirt Rally 2.0 are joining

Some titles will be featuring in-game warnings that say, “Stay home. Save lives.” in this tough period. Short and concise, the message captures the essence of how to protect ourselves and the ones surrounding us from the ongoing pandemic. Even though someone doesn’t manifest symptoms, that doesn’t mean for sure that he’s not sick. And more importantly, he can surely be contagious towards other people he comes in contact with. Therefore, reducing human contact as much as possible by staying home is a great way to participate in the global fight against the virus.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is a relatively new game (having just one year old), and it’s expecting an update that will add the anti-COVID-19 message to roadside banners that will be seen by all players. Toby Evan-Jones, from VP Business Development at Codemasters (developer and publisher of Dirt Rally 2.0), stated:

At Codemasters we came to realise that technology within our games, which enables the remote updating of banners within the virtual environment, could be repurposed to assist with the Coronavirus communication effort.

Besides Dirt Rally 2.0, other famous games are joining the fight against the new coronavirus, like Sniper Elite 4, Candy Crush Saga, and Strange Brigade.


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