Vivo Aspex 2020 is The Smartphone of the Future – Outstanding Design and Specs

During the recent years, smartphones had been facing a tremendous increase in popularity and usage. Some of them have even more powerful specs than PCs, and this ascension will keep getting bigger. But exactly how big? A Chinese company named Vivo will try to answer this question by showing us a concept phone that will astonish most people.

Aspex 2020 is its name, a smartphone so incredible than you would say that someone brought it straight from the future using a time machine. The phone features a 6.45-inch display enveloped by curved glass that bends elegantly around the whole phone. But the most impressive part is yet to come.

No physical buttons and ports

Remember back in the old days when the first touchscreen phones appeared? A lot of people were mad at not having at their disposal any more the classic physical buttons for writing letters and numbers. Well, Vivo wants to take this at a whole new level because the Aspex 2020 phone doesn’t have any physical buttons at all, not even for sound volume or for shutting down the gadget.

Furthermore, the concept phone doesn’t have any external ports, either. For charging its battery, you’ll simply be using the wireless charging method at up to 60-watts. This is a lot more modern than with classical wires, because, you know, nobody actually likes them.

Camera under the display

This is something that Samsung tried to create, but the outcome didn’t appear. Vivo puts the selfie camera beneath the display in its Aspex 2020, which adds a lot more elegancy. As for the rest of the specs, Vivo’s phone is also pretty impressive: it packs a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 12 GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Also, the phone runs on Android 10.

As some people may say that it sounds too good to be true, we can only wait for the day when Vivo will bring such a phone to the market. And hopefully, it will not cost as much as a decent car.

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