Water on Earth Appeared Right After The Formation of The Planet

A study published in the journal Natural Geoscience has analyzed the existence of water on Earth. Researchers are stating that since the water is present in such proportions on the surface of our planet, it has been part of our world ever since its formation. This study aims to bring humanity one step closer to understand the evolution and creation of our planet.

This study includes research that goes way beyond the Earth, as far as the Venus planet and aims to determine the origin of the terrestrial water.

Scientists are analyzing the existing rocky planets that are characterized by a dry surface. Additionally, another concern is the theory that suggests that impact between the Earth and a planetary embryo as massive as the Red Planed that might have created the Moon. Any of these events should have vaporized the existing water and our planets would have been left with a dry surface. Therefore, the presence of water can be explained using two theories.

The theories on the formation of water on Earth

The first one suggests that the water was brought back after the impact of enormous water-rich asteroids that collided on the Earth’s surface. The second option states that the collision between our planet and the giant planetary embryo may not have been as influential as to vaporize all the pre-existing water on the surface of the Earth.

The question regarding the presence of water on Earth’s surface is crucial since water is the essential factor that determines the formation of life. Therefore, a team of researchers from the Free University of Brussels has analyzed this phenomenon in accordance with Venus, since the two planets are similar to each other.

The findings resulted after analyzing the respective geological and climatic evolution and suggest that the both water on Earth and Venus formed alongside the planets’ formation. However, as time passed, the water reservoirs on Venus were lost.

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