Water on Mars Was Rich in Minerals and Salt, According to a New Study

At this point in time, Earth is the only known planet in the universe where life exists. Many researchers across all over the world strive to find life on other planets, and a large number of exoplanets have been uncovered.

Life exists in a variety of forms, from apex predators like white sharks and cheetahs to harmless microorganisms that can be found almost anywhere on the surface of our planet. A significant amount of time will likely pass before humanity manages to track down signs of life beyond the solar system. However, planets within the solar system offer a high starting point, with the prime candidate being Mars.

One of the traits that make Mars a suitable target is represented by the fact that it is near to Earth, in comparison to the moons of Jupiter or Saturn. Mars is also easy to observe because it features a thin atmosphere, and existent data infers that liquid water could be found on the planet.

New Study Says That Water on Mars Was Rich in Minerals and Salt

Traces of what seem to have been river deltas also infer that liquid water flowed on the surface billions of years ago. Many researchers have started to believe that the Red Planet may have been habitable in the past. The possible existence of life on the planet remains debatable for now. To learn more about the potential of the planet, scientists want to learn more about the chemicals that can be found in the Martian water.

Remote measurements explored the properties of pore waters found within sediments located in the Gale Crater. It appears that the sediments formed in the presence of liquid water, which shared a pH similar to that of the water found in our oceans.

Since Earth’s oceans are filled with life, it is likely that the water present on Mars may have housed primitive life forms at some point. More data could be uncovered in the future.

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