We Can All Contribute To Coronavirus Research

Togetherness by staying apart seems to be the way to escape the dreadful reality we’re all living. We live in a time bubble that will eventually redefine many concepts. Awareness, loneliness, togetherness, mindfulness, closeness, boundaries, connection, care, egoism, distance, and the list can go on.

Not so long ago, specialists were concerned that communication between people was changed and not in a good way. Psychologists and sociologists constantly reminded people about how they forgot to engage.

Lost in virtual mangroves of their smartphones, people became more and more comfortable with the avoidance of real human contact. A run of reality they called it. And they were right.

But reality has changed. To survive, we must forget what touch means and find meaning in touching a screen if we want to get closure. And we can do it. We already have the exercise.

What’s more, the internet gives us a purpose to stay and fight this together. Civilians are given the chance to participate in scientific research. Either by getting involved in coronavirus research or by helping other sciences go on, we can all find meaning by remotely staying close. Just, please: stay home!

Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) website fights to give meaning to the waste of time most of us are experiencing.

Make a difference in the COVID-19 research

You can do it by simply playing an online game: Foldit! Besides the knowledge it gives you about how the virus works, if you get good at it, you can end up designing antiviral proteins that will be manufactured and tested in real life to see if they can bind with the coronavirus.

Folding@home is another project that needs your computer’s help to run calculations in the background with the help of your processor. We can make our home computers become an enormous net that could generate vital answers.

FluTracking is an application that helps specialists monitor the spread of flu-like symptoms across Australia and New Zealand. It recently added help track the spread of the coronavirus.

PatientsLikeMe added community for people who have contracted COVID-19 and recovered. It is a platform where people that got cured of different diseases offer their experiences to others to help them.

Make a difference in projects not connected with the novel coronavirus

For those of us trying to run as far away from coronavirus talk as possible, they can find meaning in different scientific areas that need our support.

If you are passionate about the environment or trying to learn something new while staying home, then you should try visiting:

They all need your spare time and need for meaning. Help them by helping you: stay home during COVID-19!

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