What Existed Before the Big Bang? Scientists Claim that They Have an Answer

Our Universe was born around 13.7 billion years ago when an infinitely dense singularity came out of nowhere and started to expand until today. The expansion is still happening and even at an accelerated pace, which leads us to the idea that we’re living within the ‘Bang’ itself.

The Big Bang Theory has a lot of flaws: nobody seems to know how something could appear from nothing, what triggered the ‘bang’ in the first place, how can the laws of physics be created by the Big Bang, and much more. But all of the lack of answers didn’t stop physicists and political leaders from adding the Big Bang Theory in textbooks.

Was there ‘nothing’ before the Big Bang?

As mind-boggling as it sounds, the Universe could have created itself out of nothing, according to the great scientist Stephen Hawking. He said that asking what existed before the Big Bang is an absurd question by itself. The reason is simple: there wasn’t any time available for anything to be created. Time itself began to exist along with the Big Bang.

But the scientific community wasn’t entirely satisfied by Hawking’s answer, and so it continued their research.

There was a Big Bounce

Scientists Robert Brandenberger and Ziwei Wang of McGill University from Canada are bringing back the Big Bounce Theory, which states that before our Big Bang, there was another Universe that eventually collapsed into its own gravity. Therefore, Universes keep dying and emerging once again. Where did it all begin? Of course, it all leads once again to a “chicken or egg” problem, but that doesn’t stop us from considering it a scientific theory, right? The two physicists are supporting the Big Bounce theory.

Further research will be made regarding the subject, but maybe it’s time that some scientists need to admit that science has its flaws. And maybe human comprehension is limited by its very nature, as we simply cannot grasp anything.

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