WhatsApp on the Apple Watch – How To Use It?

Apple Watch is the best smartwatches that you can have. Its huge success is also due to the third-party apps that users can use on the smartwatch. You just have to explore the watchOS app store and find the app that you need. There are many apps to choose from that can help you on a daily basis, such as the Overcast app. You can use it for entertainment and listen to Podcasts. You can use Lens for Watch app that connects you to social media via Instagram. The FlickType keyboard is another useful app, but you can also have WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.

However, you can’t find WhatsApp on the watchOS app store. WatchOS app store features the Messenger app but not WhatsApp, at least not yet. But do not worry, we got your back. This article will guide you through the process of installing the WhatsApp on your Apple smartwatch. However, you will need to do it via an app that has similar features to WhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp on the Apple Watch

First, you need to search for the WatchChat 2 app and install it on your smartwatch. However, this app is more like a WhatsApp Web. WatchChat 2 is not a standalone app, which helps you access the web version of WhatsApp.

You need to scan the QR Code from your device in order to have access to the WhatsApp Web app.

The required steps to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch:

  • Install the WatchChat 2 app on your iPhone and on your Apple Watch.
  • Open the app on your Apple Watch and scan the QR code. Tap on the Retry option if the QR code is not displayed.
  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan QR Code.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on your smartwatch with your iPhone.

Voila! You can now use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch! Until the messages app appears on the watchOS app store, you can make the most of this trick.

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