When can we see the Taurid Meteor Shower in November?

You’ve probably seen some fireballs streaking across the night sky, and you’re probably alarmed.  Don’t be! You’re seeing the Taurid Meteor Shower, which will appear entirely from the 5th of November to the 12th of November.

This comes only a month after the Draconids and South Taurid showers were expected to make their appearance.

The Taurid Meteor Shower was caused by debris coming from comets, which are racing by. This meteor shower is known to create some of the most amazing fireballs – really bright meteors – as per ma report by EarthSky.

In order to see some of these fireballs, you need to take a look at the sky, starting with the 2nd of November – Saturday night. But the best chance is after midnight, on the 5th of November until the 12th of November. The 6th of November is the most expected night to see them.

The American Meteor Society talked about the Taurid fireballs, which are known for how slow they travel in comparison to other showers. They are also colorful, often orange.

Those of you who want to see some fireballs will need to look for a viewing spot that is far from any kind of light which can ruin your night sky.

We should also mention that this is not something happenings once in a lifetime – they will be back.

Their name – Taurids – come from the association of the meteor shower with the constellation of Taurus, the bull. But the connection is just fictional. The Taurus constellation usually rises in the east, after dusk. You can easily find it by looking at the bright star cluster of Pleiades and looking down to the V-shaped Hyades star cluster, which makes the head of Taurus the bull.

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