When will EA Tell Us More about The Sims 5?

When it comes to lifestyle simulators, there is one game that can be considered the leader of the entire genre. It is, of course, The Sims. This series already has four installments in it, not counting the various spin-offs, such as the well-known Sim City. The latest release in the The Sims series is The Sims 4. It was released in September 2014 and it is currently available on most platforms, such as Xbox One, PC and PS4.

It is soon going to be six years since the release of The Sims 4, in 2014. Fans of the series are extremely eager to know when The Sims 5 will come out. There are many questions involved, such as if the new game will be released on a different generation of consoles. There is also the question of what new features the game will have. Well, there is some good news: we will use this article to discuss the upcoming game.

The Sims 5 is based on PSU and it continues to be shown in the official PlayStation magazine. The magazine recently mentioned all the upcoming 38 PS5 games. According to it, any individuals could presume that Sims 5 is going to be released sometime after the new console from PlayStation is settled on the market. In regards to more information about The Sims 5, we will probably hear a statement in the EA Live occasion. If you happen to wonder why, we have the answer to that question as well. EA is the company in charge of developing and publishing The Sims.

EA Live has already been scheduled to take place, so the event is likely to go into a lot of information. Some of the list of games shown at the EA Live include FIFA 21 and Madden NFL21. Hopefully, the event will also bring some new information about The Sims.

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