When Will The Universe End? Scientists Provide a New Answer

If by ‘Apocalypse’ we understand the end of life on Earth, there’s a lot more in our Universe to understand and discover. Our physical reality might be teeming with life, and there could be copies of each one of us in parallel universes if the String Theory is correct.

The utmost shut down of the Universe is an imminent event, according to both science and the Bible. Although it may be impossible to know exactly how it will happen, it may be a lot easier to find out when the horrifying event will come.

The Universe will end in the next few trillions of years

If you’re somehow planning to live for trillions of years more, we’re sorry to give you bad news. No magical potion for eternal youth or anything else will work, as it results from a new study led by theoretical physicist Matt Caplan and published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Caplan believes that as it’s reaching its impending demise, the Universe won’t have any energy left to nurture its stars. The scientist declared:

It [the universe] will be a bit of a sad, lonely, cold place,

It’s known as ‘heat death,’ where the universe will be mostly black holes and burned-out stars.

Matt Caplan thinks that a supernova might be the last thing happening in the Universe. This would be somehow ironic – the Universe started with a bang (aka The Big Bang), and it shall die with another one. Caplan explains:

They may be the last supernova ever. Galaxies will have dispersed, black holes will have evaporated, and the expansion of the universe will have pulled all remaining objects so far apart that none will ever see any of the others explode. It won’t even be physically possible for light to travel that far.

Whether the Universe ends in several trillions of years or earlier, the good news is that there’s still plenty of time for each one of us to get married and win the lottery.

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