Why AMD Could Unintentionally Kill The PS5

AMD’s progress in the cloud gaming realm might end up affecting the upcoming Sony gaming console.

AMD is one of Sony’s most important partners, but it might also become one of its biggest threats.

The chipmaker provides processors for the PS4 in the form of its semi-custom chip, and it is set on repeating the same formula for the PS5 as well.

Threatening Moves

AMD made some questionable moves that could turn up potentially sabotaging the PS5.

The company has recently made a deal with Oxide Games, a company that made its name in the realm of cloud-based gaming technologies for quite a few years now. That move could pose a considerable threat to the PS5.

Improving Cloud Gaming

There are only a few details about AMD’s deal with Oxide Games available. Still, the company revealed that it would use the Nitrous Engine in its projects.

The engine has been around since 2013, which means that Oxide Games had a lot of time to perfect it over the years.

According to the company, the Nitrous Engine is “a next-generation game engine designed to handle enormous amounts of visual and gameplay complexity, from 10,000+ simpler units to 1,000 highly complex units and environments.”

Also, Oxide promised considerable advances for games that run on its platform.

The partnership between AMD and Oxide Games can pose an extra challenge to the sales figures of the PS5 because cloud computing is reaching a new level thanks to the introduction of 5G networks.

Those details combined will most likely eat into the PS5’s market share.

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